Site investigation works at St Johns and Bakers Lane Car Park

Posted 19/11/2020

Qualis Commercial will be carrying out the following work at St Johns and Bakers Lane Car Park, commencing Tuesday 24th November for five to seven days.

St Johns site

A team will be on site to cut down any trees which have a risk of collapsing, are diseased and could have a significant health or safety risk to other trees nearby or any very low quality trees that are dominating adjacent trees which are of better quality.

Bakers Lane Car Park

Work will be carried out to remove the chain link fencing and clear all vegetation by machine and hand in order for a land survey to be undertaken. Whilst the work is taking place a number of parking spaces will be suspended in order to provide a safe working zone. Once completed, a heras fencing will be installed in the same position as the original chain fencing.